A major video game console is looking for Latinx families in the Toronto area for a new campaign. We are looking for at least 2 members and up to the entire family. Please note that even if families audition together, they may not all be selected. We are seeking bilingual (Spanish/English) children between 8 and 12, bilingual adults as parents or aunts and uncles in their 30's and 40's and Spanish speaking Abuelas in their 60's+. (Abuelas can apply individually without other family members)

Instructions at bottom

Callbacks:  March 29 and 30 (virtual)
Game Training / Wardrobe: April 7 and 8 (talent needed for one of those days)
Shooting: April 9, 10, 11, 12 (talent needed for one of those days)
Location: Toronto

Session Rates:
$500/ 10hr session fee ( 10hrs Adults, 8hrs Children under 12 yrs)

Wardrobe or Game Rehearsal Fee: $50/ 2hrs
Session Overtime: $100/ hr
Wardrobe or Game Rehearsal OT ( after 2hrs) : $50/ h 
Additional Record/Re-Record Session Option: $500 CAD (Not to exceed 2 hours)
Buyout Rates:

Buyout payable only if talent meets criteria of being clearly recognizable (full face) for a minimum of one second and in the foreground.
Includes Unlimited lifts, versions, edits, commercials. All rates in Canadian funds. Session fees are paid regardless of usage.

1 year North America ( USA & it' s territories, Canada, & Mexico) All Moving Media, TV
Broadcast, Industrial, Cinema including World Wide Digital/ Internet Buyout: $3,000 CAD.
Territory Options:
1 year Latin America: $2, 000 CAD
1 year UK/ Europe: $2, 000 CAD
1 year Australia/ New Zealand: $2,000 CAD

1 year Japan: $2,000 CAD
1 year Rest of the World: $3, 000 CAD 

Note: Moving Media Buyouts do NOT include Print Materials, however, stills images may be lifted
from live action for digital use. 
Agency Fee: All above rates plus 15%
Renewals available for previous term + 10% 
Exclusivity: Electronic Gaming

HOW TO APPLY (NEW Deadline March 24, 9AM)

- Record a self tape with every family member who is applying together. Please remember that only the Abuela can apply individually. 

- Please shoot Landscape (horizontal) and NOT in Portrait. 

- In a medium shot (chest or waist up) each family member introduces themselves with name, age (children only) and if you like to play video games! What's your favourite game right now (if any). We encourage applicants to speak English and Spanish

- Shoot Scene 1: (improvise around these scenes and make it fun) The family is making dinner together (tamales, maybe?) We want to see each family member interact and speak. Spanish should dominate the scene, with some English also spoken (Abuela should only speak Spanish). The kids can ask if they can help. People can sneak in bites, ask when dinner will be ready, what's for dinner. etc. 

- Shoot Scene 2: The kids are already playing a fun golf game that uses motion controls in front of the TV.  Dad joins in, and Mom asks if it's a new game? She wants to join! Dad takes a turn and he messes up. Everyone laughs. Mom tries, and she gets a hole in one! Beginners luck. The kids ask for their turn again. Abuela sits and watches and laughs along. 

- We understand that some scenes will need to change based on who is auditioning together. Keep the main focus of these scenes and have fun. 

- Keep each scene under 2 minutes if possible. 

- Upload the videos to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Attachments are usually too large to send over. Make sure that the permission to view/download is not restricted (several people need to watch the audition). 

- Email with the subject line "The Course – Real Family - <your family name>". Include the link or attachment (must be Mp4) in the email. Please also include a photo of the family (or individual photos).  Also include your phone number, and city. You can also CC Please direct any questions to 

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