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The Brunch Store is a Casting Company that specializes in Real People, Union and Non-Union Actors as well as background, voice-over and print casting.

We know every job is different, especially when casting real people and finding their true stories. With over 17 years  years of experience in Reality, Unscripted and Documentary casting as well as story producing, we know that the time commitments, schedules and strategy for finding real people is a different ballgame than casting actors.


We have cast hosts, contestants and contributors for over 40 reality series including Battle of the Generations,  Save My Reno,  Battle of the Blades, Say Yes to The Dress Canada, Food Truck Face Off, Chef in Your Ear, The Expandables,  Canada, Scare Tactics, Canada’s Smartest Person, True Dating Stories, Paranormal Investigator and many more.

Aside from television, we have cast real people as well as actors for over 250 commercials, shorts and features films and even video games. 

In scripted content, our credits include Making Monsters, The Last Video Store, The Dessert, and over 25 reenactment series including See No Evil, The Devil on Trial, and an upcoming miniseries for Netflix. 

Sergio Alvarado, CDC


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